Ship Safety Bulletin

05/2011 - How Fishing Masters, Second Class (CFV2) who were certified between March 21, 1980 and June 30, 2007 may obtain the Fishing Master, First Class Certificate of Competency issued under the Marine Personnel Regulations (MPR)

06/2010 - Watchkeeping Mate of a fishing vessel of not more than 150 gross tonnage and less than 24 metres in overall length

04/2010 - Fishing Vessel Safety: Hinged Fins as Anti-Roll Devices

07/2009 - Delay related to the enforcement of the deck watch requirement for fishing vessels of less than 100 gross tonnage

06/2009 - Certificate of Service as Watchkeeping Mate of a Fishing Vessel of Less than 100 Gross Tonnage

05/2009 - Deck watch additional person requirement on board a fishing vessel raised from 5 to 15 gross tonnage

03/2009 - Training requirement for the person designated to provide first aid on board a vessel and period of validity of first aid training courses recognized by a province or territory, marine first aid and marine medical care training certificates

01/2009 - Validity of the Fishing Master, Second Class, Third Class and Fourth Class Certificates of Competency originally issued between March 21, 1980 and June 30, 2007

07/2008 - The importance of properly fitting an effective radar reflector on small or non-metallic vessels

01/2008 - Fishing Vessel Safety: Record of Modifications

12/2007 - Adequacy of Single Cross-bar Type Hatch Covers

07/2007 - Inflatable Liferafts and Rescue Platforms: Stowage and Proper Access

04/2006 - Safety of Small Fishing Vessels: Information to Owners/Masters about Stability Booklets

01/2005 - The use of Passive Anti-Roll Tanks (ART) on Small Fishing Vessels

09/2002 - Bilge Pumping Systems: Early Detection Saves Lives